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Royal Freemasons Thu, 25 Jun 2020 07:38:52 +0000 New to the digital website, marketing and server portfolio at AndMine is Royal Freemasons, across their home care, residential aged care and residential development projects.

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New to the digital website, marketing and server portfolio at AndMine is Royal Freemasons, across their home care, residential aged care and residential development projects.

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Don’t Panic. Get Your Business Through Coronavirus Thu, 19 Mar 2020 06:31:28 +0000 In the words of Douglas Adams,  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t Panic”. All my tips below come with the frame – stay safe and look after loved ones first. I have kids, parents and friends I love, I don’t want anything to happen to anyone. Every business person / owner I know is […]

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In the words of Douglas Adams,  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t Panic”. All my tips below come with the frame – stay safe and look after loved ones first. I have kids, parents and friends I love, I don’t want anything to happen to anyone.

Every business person / owner I know is going to give this a red hot shot. If you want to brainstorm, I love problem solving, small or big, call me – I’m a sounding board at the very least, or will have a solution for you. I don’t care if it’s personal or business – if you’re under pressure or have an idea. I’ve spoken to every type of business and industry in the past few days and already got lots going – so leverage what I know already. What is see as 100% happening, and quick advice is below.

Markets will melt-down and far more…. It is one crazy test for society, we are all living in a Movie. BUT Don’t panic and help others not to be idiots… ok not always easy, there is some craziness going on, those that can keep level headed, please do this for others. We have a personal responsibility to step up, pivot, and save everything we can, and take all reasonable opportunities without price gauging. We are a local and global community, let’s show it.

Take the approach – Every problem has multiple solutions.

The number one thing that is going to happen – we are all going to be online a lot more. Here are my calls on this, and, if you have a business, the game is as much continuity of service as possible, do what you do best – problem solve. Your teams, family and friends are relying on you.

The Goal
This isn’t complex. There is approx a 1-14 day (or some studies show even longer outliers) contagious period, it can spread without you having symptoms. The elderly and those with particular pre-existing medical conditions are highest risk. BUT, South Korea, Japan, China and others have massively declining daily cases. This is the benchmark. If they can get to zero cases or close consistently, everyone can. I put together a FB group on the data with references for family and friends – and I’m putting it public now –

Our governments are doing the best to get key messaging out there, social distancing, work from home, wash hands etc. Follow their advice, but make 100% sure you go direct to their websites (there is a ton of trolls writing rubbish).

You can’t tell people to be smarter, and not fill social media feeds with madness. Plus people won’t change overnight, they are being bombarded by information, let them vent, it helps us get a read on where things are at. But you can get on and sway the tide to reason. Share and post original, positive content, a short video if possible; what you are doing to pivot, where you can help, supermarket shelves full of food, how you helped your neighbour, ideas to help others personally or for business. “Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come” – Find positive examples and share, share, share.

The more we are aligned, the better we will do.

Company Emails
Please STOP sending Covid-19 emails that sound like corporate press releases, they are horrible. We all know what is going on, we all know you are smart and have policies in place – Be real – what are the exact things you are doing to help your customers and clients that are positive, that also helps your business stay open. If you’re doing well because of the virus, how are you helping? This is reality for AndMine and many of our clients. If you have an urgent update, go short and sweet, add links if you need to to longer articles on your site. Information overload at this point does not help anyone.

eCommerce, eTail, Retail
If you have any eCommerce site, especially if you have a bricks and mortar footprint, ramp up eComm now. If you can get a store or service up quickly and sell, do it. Online has a ton of tools like BigCommerce, Shopify, Payment Tools etc you can quickly add to, build or replace your website. Your customers, where they can, will support you. The more people at home, means more eCommerce.

Probably the hardest hit, get on the apps and start delivering. Go direct if you can. We all need food. If we can afford delivered meals, it means less shopping, saving supplies at home. Owners – If you can add more items, pre-packed meals, flour, milk, make it happen. If you can get us coffee, tape the tops and write personal notes. Got a liquor licence – use it. You are all trying to keep staff, little touches will make the difference and build new avenues for you. Keep it simple, sell you most popular items, what are your top 3 dishes? pre-packs? 1000s of people going through Supermarkets – who are selling out – they need help to reduce the load and people want a safe place to shop. Many variables, but I would shop at my local cafe to save it 100%. Shoutout to David Kahan who’s always ahead of the curve, says the Family Pie is his most popular seller.

Entertainment, Classes, Education
Is already moving online fast, the yoga studio, pilates, dancing; use streaming services like google hangouts, facebook or youtube to stream classes to your paying customers. They should back you. Yes you can find more customers, and a 10 person class can now be 10,000. BUT Go live FREE first, then work out more complex systems, lean, fast solves this, and will probably get you new members asap. Shout out to my man Bob Sinclair who’s doing free livestream parties from his house.

Social Media
If you haven’t started already, get on it. There is no better time to figure this out. Reach out to friends, family, customers, similar businesses. Grow a small audience, or build up your current one. If you stuff up a post, say so, be honest, the learning curve is big, but not impossible.

Be careful how you position your ads, there is enormous opportunity to grow conversions, customers, business. But, ensure it is positioned well, it is the same as the emails: this isn’t BAU, it is a time to re-think what value you really offer, and how you can help sell and spread the success with your team and clients. If you’re growing, employ.

Was already the biggest thing in digital, now this will be dialled up to 11. Conferencing – goes without saying. Don’t just post, find ways to make engaging content. Try different platforms, find one that suits you. Tik-Tok is free to get massive viewership – try that for sure. Don’t love video – Time to break your comfort zone or find someone who loves it. There are tons of charismatic foodies who talk to people ever day – start collaborating. Where Video was moving from earlier in the year – Be the show not the ad

Copywriting, Design and Conversations
For businesses, this is going to be one of the most important things to get write for posts, articles, ads. The faster you talk with people and get feedback on content, the faster you’ll know where to position your offers / products and how to. Reach out to people who have a good social / community understanding and run things past them. Most important – keep things short and sweet, if you need to over-explain something… forget over-writing, do a video. And Design – even before this, we push our clients to do minimal clean design, the less on the page the better. Pretty much everything you have out there, or will put out there, simplify. Those that have simple value propositions, that customers and clients understand, will have a higher chance of conversions.

If you are doing well, selling out, copy switches from SELL to here is where you can buy elsewhere or this is a replacement product, and.. even…isn’t our product… You want new clients after this? make sure you’re doing the right thing to help everyone get through it. Brand loyalty could not be simpler to build in this time.

Are super ready to help you. They have following, influence and you need to find ones now that can help you. Try shared platforms like Tribe, but also go direct, your new team members may have 100s or 1000s of followers. You need to try this out, some free, some paid, but everyones rates should be negotiable at this time – if it starts working, you’ve started to build a team, if there is no return- move on. Spend light on this until it is working.

Business Goals
Financially there is no company in the world who haven’t basically thrown out their models. Digital you can quickly measure the important stuff and build connections to real-world revenue. Do this now, and bridge the gap between model and reality. Google analytics, eComm platforms, Social platforms all have data, find the most important ones and dial them up.

Like lots of things in digital, there are free or low costs tools just as good as enterprise solutions, that are virtually turn-key start now. Speed to market is everything at the moment, so Google, hunt and evaluate – and if unsure, sure – ask me but come WITH options, I’m not doing the research for you ??

Story telling is one of those words in marketing we use to explain emotional connection. The emotion is everywhere at the moment, the story-telling is simple – what are you doing, share the truth, just be optimistic. The post photo, that’s us in Coffs Harbour in our epic trip driving the east coast of Australia, while there was tons of fighting, crying and on the whole trip, I’ve never had more fun, and now I’m sure we’d all do anything to have life go back to normal.

Speed To Market
Even before this outbreak my advice was always – don’t wait for perfect, get product into market, then iterate. This cannot be more true now. Move fast, show leadership, pivot fast. There are gaps and opportunities everywhere. But stay honest, don’t take advantage of people for a short term win.

Finally – Not Digital
You’re going to be speaking to more people than you have ever. Remember yes digital can help you connect, but real-world real-people make decisions. The more grassroots, friend and business conversations you have the faster we spread the ideas that work and we all pivot. There is going to be a change now, and many things because of the change will never be the same. Think about our kids, they are already more happy on an iPad than almost anything else they do. Virtual products to them, like skins and gifts in eGames, are just as good if not better than physical products for them. This means the world was already changing – that generational change, happens now.

Be more aware of everyone around you, pace yourself, rest, stay healthy, help others, spread the load locally, stay safe – and do want humans do best, adapt.

…The best way to contact me fast is Mobile then Social Media (Facebook or LinkedIN) Oh and P.S… this should help …

Rent, Mortgages, Loan Holidays

Banks in AU have I heard have 4% residential, 8% commercial loan buffers especially after the GFC – they don’t want to own property / cars / etc – and are offering Holiday’s from repayments – 3 Months – Call and get it now. I’ve done this and if they come through we must do the same for tenants. Dont wait for the Government! … Google “YOURBANK + Mortgage Holiday” eg;

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What’s the Best Way to Track the ROI of Content Marketing…Besides Sales? Thu, 12 Mar 2020 11:46:05 +0000 As a content marketer, you know that “how’s our content performing?” never has a single or simple answer—especially in terms of sales.  Why? Because it’s unlikely for a first-time visitor to land on your website and hit the “purchase” button. If they do, they likely came to your website with much higher intent and one […]

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As a content marketer, you know that “how’s our content performing?” never has a single or simple answer—especially in terms of sales. 

Why? Because it’s unlikely for a first-time visitor to land on your website and hit the “purchase” button. If they do, they likely came to your website with much higher intent and one piece of content was unlikely to sway them in one way or the other.

This is why marketing teams have long created sales funnels; we need to establish trust with the reader, establish ourselves as an authority, help educate them on problems that they need to solve, etc., before they’re likely to become a customer.

Okay, so, then there must be some way to measure the effectiveness of our content marketing efforts besides sales then, right? 

Otherwise, how can we possibly report that the work we’re doing is correlated to organizational success? 

We’ve shortlisted the following lead generation metrics as a way to report on the success of your content marketing efforts without depending exclusively on sales figures. 

1. Email opt-ins

Let’s start with the obvious one. One of the simplest ways to determine the impact content is having on your bottom line is to monitor how many new people are opting into your email list.

The bigger the list your content efforts secures, the more opportunity your marketing and sales efforts will have further down the road to further engage these people and get them closer to a sale. 

As Jonathan Aufray of Growth Hackers explains: “Once your visitors have given their email addresses, you know that they’re interested in what you do and become leads.”

You can track this data by creating a Google Analytics goal that triggers when somebody submits a response to your opt-in form:

Keep tabs on your opt-in rate for each individual piece of content that you publish. That way, you can spot whether certain topics or formats attract the most subscribers and replicate the approach again to attract more. 

2. Percentage of New Sessions

Another great way to communicate the value of your content marketing efforts is to report on the number of new visitors your content is driving to the website. 

As content scales (more email subscribers, most followers, more customers, etc.) traffic tends to trend upward. However, if you want to report that your content is truly scaling and not simply a product of a growing customer and email base, you’ll want to report on the percentage of new people your content continues to drive to the website. 

You can find this in Google Analytics by navigating to Behavior>Site Content>Landing Pages. Here, you’ll see a column for ‘% new sessions’.

In the table visualization that accompanies this, you’ll be able to track and/or segment the pages on your website that are driving the most/least new visitors to your website.

If your content marketing efforts are driving a high percentage of new sessions to your website, this is a great indicator of the value and overall effectiveness of the approach and is a good signal that your continued efforts can scale. 

Sales needs leads. You can’t continue growing leads without (new) visitors to the website. 

3. New Users

This metric is building off the previous point in #2 about ‘% of new sessions.’ 

‘New users’ is a metric that gets you closer to measuring the number of new unique visitors to your website or a specific piece of content. 

So, why should you measure both? What’s the difference between Sessions and Users? 

‘% new sessions’ will convey how effective your content marketing efforts are at driving new visitors in relation to the total amount of website traffic you’re generating in a given month. 

For example, 100,000 sessions sounds a lot less impressive (from a growth perspective) if the % new sessions is only 5%. 

Now, if that number is 55%? Now you know your content efforts are scaling. 

Where new users are helpful is in determining the number of unique session IDs associated with all of those new sessions. Session IDs are unique to each person (although they do expire and one person can have multiple IDs if they’re viewing your content on multiple devices), so, they’re a closer representation for the amount of new, unique people you’re driving to the website. (Although it’s not 100% air right.) 

So, in summary…

  • % new sessions: great for providing context around your total website sessions
  • New users: great for providing further context around your new website sessions

Again, both metrics are great indicators that your content efforts are attracting new people to your website and can support your lead and sales goals as you continue to scale the efforts.

4. MQL to SQL conversion rate

When we talk about conversion rates, it’s not just the visitor-to-customer conversion rate we should be thinking of.

You should also track how many of your marketing-qualified leads turn into sales-qualified leads, as Kevin D’Arcy of ThinkFuel Marketing explains: “The reason we do this is to validate that our content is attracting and converting the right type of visitors and prospects.’

“Traffic is great, marketing qualified leads are great too, but if they don’t transition into SQLs then they weren’t the right type of people.”

According to Salesforce, the average MQL to SQL conversion rate is 13%. Use this as a benchmark for getting started in tracking yours. 

One solid way for improving yours is to ask SQLs (via email, phone, survey, etc.) how they found you to begin with. Are there any common themes with the content that’s resonating with this group? How can you get more of this type of content in front of your MQLs and prospects that may be even further up the funnel? 

Doubling down on what’s already working is always a sound strategy for finding ways to improve.

5. Visits to High-Intent Pages

“If you don’t know where people go from the content, you don’t know how well it’s performing, how well it’s guiding visitors deeper, how well it’s getting visitors closer to the conversion,” says Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media.

“Are they leaving immediately? Are they going somewhere irrelevant? Are they clicking on the calls to action?”

Find the answers to Crestodina’s questions by looking at your navigation summary in Google Analytics—the URLs people visit before and after the page they’re currently on.

For example: You might find that 60% of people head to your pricing page after viewing a blog post, but just 10% do so from a video. This gives a stronger indication that blog readers are further along in the sales journey and more inclined to buy.

Therefore, you’d certainly want to include a metric like this in any content marketing reporting in order to illustrate how many people your content is sending over to the pricing page and/or other high-intent pages like this (free trial signups, consults, etc.)

To find the navigation summary in Google Analytics, navigate to Behavior>Site Content>All Pages..

…then, click “Navigation summary”…

..and lastly, select the pages that you’d like to drill into. For example, in the screenshot below, we’re measuring the previous page path of a pricing page, meaning the list of pages (in a table format) that are most often driving people to the pricing page.

Now, you can more easily communicate the value of specific pieces of content based on the number of people they’re driving to the high-intent pages on your website.

Final thoughts

Never sweat when asked how well your content marketing is performing. The ROI isn’t always judged in direct sales; you can use these metrics to understand the impact your content is making. As Eric Melillo of COFORGE says, “with content marketing being the lifeblood of today’s marketing strategy, it’s really important to monitor the effectiveness of each piece of content we create.”

Credit: Elise from Databox team

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Growth Hacking for New Businesses Wed, 11 Mar 2020 01:57:06 +0000 What is Growth Hacking? Growth Hacking is a way of thinking, acting and implementing leverage to increase the growth of your company while seeking customer satisfaction to propose a suitable solution. It is a process that must be built in stages and it must be measurable as well as evaluated. While seeking customer satisfaction to […]

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What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a way of thinking, acting and implementing leverage to increase the growth of your company while seeking customer satisfaction to propose a suitable solution. It is a process that must be built in stages and it must be measurable as well as evaluated. While seeking customer satisfaction to propose the solution adapted to the customer’s needs. Unlike marketing which aims to make people come or make them buy, Growth Hacking, like marketing, makes the customer come but aims to make him come back.
Growth Hacking, therefore, is to it is thus to mix common sense, ingenuity, automation, and analysis of the results.

The Growth Hacker bases all its work on an optimization of the sales cycle (the AARRR Framework):

In short, it means:

1/ Maximize lead acquisition

It’s not a question of making every possible expenditure to capture leads, you need to optimize this lead generation. Either improve the effectiveness of the marketing tools deployed.

2/ To encourage the use of the product or to buy it

Indeed the conquest of the prospect is not all, it is now necessary to transform him into a customer.
To increase this transformation rate, we must optimize the conversion funnel making and make the first steps with the service or product as efficient and simple as possible.

This is demonstrated through the writing of guides or tutorials to help with use.
There can also be a system of automatic emails following the subscription to a product offer, as well as the analysis of basket abandonment, the detection of friction points in the customer path… The goal is that once a prospect is acquired, he must use the product. Since the cost of acquiring a prospect is expensive, the conversion rate must be optimized.

3/ Build customer loyalty and keep the customer active as quickly as possible

Inactive clients :
As companies become more aware of the importance of customer loyalty, a worrying phenomenon is developing: the increase in inactive customers. Indeed, the multiplication of competition makes consumers much more volatile in their purchasing behavior. Volatility is even more present in the digital sectors.
This shows the importance of retention in the development and growth of companies. From now on, keeping customers active is just as important as acquiring new customers.
To remedy this, for example, you need to identify them through segmentation, i.e. identify inactive customers in your CRM. This will allow you to surprise them with different e-mail campaigns.
For example, to encourage one of your customers to open your newsletters again, title your email “Unsubscribe”. For a reminder email, title it “It’s time to say goodbye (or not)”. Or: “Looks like it’s over between us…”.

How to build loyalty?
On average, it costs 5 to 10 times less to retain a customer than to win him/her.
You need to have a good product that meets a real need. However, this is not enough to retain them in the long term. The real secret of loyalty is never to take a customer for granted. You have to be able to continually surprise your customers by offering new things, and by being where you are not expected.

4/ Improve profitability and grow without having costs that increase proportionally

Once one of your marketing levers is successful, you need to start a continuous improvement process, that is to say, asking yourself the right questions:

– What can/Do I want to improve?
– What new tools can I use?

You must also measure the success of your actions via tracked URLs.
As you understand with Growth Hacking, to do growth hacking, you have to analyse the data. This is to better anticipate and minimise risks related to the company and it’s market to make faster and more relevant decisions. Moreover, thanks to the power of Data Analytics, companies can optimize and personalize the user experience, giving them a significant competitive advantage over companies that don’t use the potential of their data.
The goal is to have a solid customer knowledge and the will to constantly improve the user experience and the will to innovate, to break the code, to set no limits to win customers.
It will allow the company to better manage its activities and anticipate its future needs.

Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses

Let’s not forget that this technique comes at the base of small businesses, invented by Sean Ellis of DropBox who sold their products before creating it, followed by Hotmail and their exemplary communication (Include a message at the bottom of each email promoting their service for free). Then from AirBnB who used the fame of Craigslist to make themselves known.

So why is Growth Hacking essential for small businesses?

We will discuss 3 points:
Firstly, small companies, don’t always have a lot of means, marketing represents a big % of their expenses. They can’t afford to propose the same actions as big companies with much more budget. Many companies or start-ups don’t have the time and money to embark on an innovative marketing strategy. Growth hacking is, therefore, a way to compete with the big structures, as it costs next to nothing, however there are human costs for Growth Hacking.
Secondly, it allows small companies to see what the big companies are doing, indeed you would be surprised to see everything that can be found in the HTML code of a page.
Thirdly, small companies must start Growth Hacking from the beginning, having less data, they can more easily manage their analysis and acquire a qualitative approach for the future.

Thanks to growth marketing, the company can quickly ensure an optimal presence on the web, while also rapidly increasing its revenues and popularity.
However, the digital transition is forcing us to think differently. Having a digital presence and offering content makes it easier for leads to come in. With Growth Hacking, several solutions are possible to give your company a real boost.

More than a marketing strategy, Growth Hacking is a vision, a state of mind to have for the success and development of a company or start-up.

It should be noted that Growth Hacking is not only thought for SMEs with a smaller budget. It is a new way of thinking, giving companies competitiveness in an overloaded ecosystem, by putting the discussion at the center. It starts with progressive testing, to build measurable steps to bring users in. Every click, drag, and drop or entry is important.

Growth Hacking Techniques

At the acquisition stage of the conversion funnel, the objective is to generate traffic on your site by diversifying your communication.

  • Create a blog and publish articles on relevant topics.
    The corporate blog is part of an inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing focuses on the creation and distribution of quality content to attract people to your site and turn them into customers. By broadcasting content that interests your customers, you naturally attract them.
  • Re-publish your articles on social networks.
    By republishing your articles on social networks, you increase the reach of the latter considerably, while ensuring content on them.
  • Forward your articles to influential bloggers and encourage them to share them.
    By sharing your articles with people with a strong community, it further increases your visibility. The goal is to be shared by influencers, perceived as reliable sources of information by the community.

At the activation stage, it is necessary to convert visitors to your site.

  • Create quality premium content that is not too expensive.
    Premium content relies on the quality of content and form. It is made by an expert who takes time and freely expresses his art: the creation of content.
    Everything is important, the choice of background topics, information with high added value, writing in a pleasant style, and SEO optimization.
    The return on investment is not at all the same as low-cost content, and the benefits have nothing in common.
  • Offer freemium services to create a first user experience.
    The formula is rather simple, you have a first offer 100% free of charge allowing you to access the product/service. The framework of use being restrictive, you will have to switch to a paid version to get out of it, and therefore be able to take full advantage of the product/service.
    However, this requires a thorough knowledge of the market, however, this model can be implemented in many sectors of activity
  • Maximize your conversion capabilities by practice, for example, A/B testing.
    This popular marketing technique consists of opposing two versions of a web page or website to see which one performs better.
    With A/B testing, you can check which version gets the most traffic, the best conversion rate, the highest number of subscriptions, etc.
    You then get information about visitor behavior and you can continuously improve the visitor experience and thus increase your turnover.
  • Use retargeting to motivate your site visitors to take action.
    The goal is to create targeted Google and Facebook ads to bring these visitors back to your site faster by offering them offers and promotions on the products they’ve viewed, for example.

In the retention and revenue phase, you need to encourage users to return to your offer.

  • Send messages with personalized offers and ask for customer feedback.
    This gives customers a sense of importance and makes them feel close to the company. In addition to developing their affection for the brand, it builds loyalty. Many tools are available to quickly create a customer survey, this allows you to collect their feedback which is a great way to find out what customers think of you, what they like and what they don’t like and therefore improve yourself by making the necessary changes. Remember that a customer who takes the time to give feedback, whether positive or negative, is valuable.
  • Re-launch your former clients
    There are many possible causes for the departure of a former client. It’s up to you to make an accurate diagnosis. Thanks to a CRM tool, it is easy to consult the history of the customer relationship. But nothing is better than questioning it directly.
    Once you have identified the causes of his departure, be ingenious, propose an advantageous offer to him, to make him come back to loyal customers and keep him loyal as he should be.
  • Relaunch your sleeping customers
    An inactive customer is a customer who no longer seems to be interested in your marketing campaigns or newsletters. They represent 20% to 50% of your customer databases.
    You need to identify each individual and then take the time to target your message. Overall, it’s good to show your inactive customers that you’ve noticed them, hence the importance of data. So, in your follow-up email, show them that you can adapt your offers to their request.

In the final referral phase, you need to encourage your consumers to become your ambassadors. Even to reach the stage of evangelization.

  • Ask your customers for a referral
    There are many advantages to having your company recommended, it generates new contacts, potential customers, saves money and optimizes the costs of the business strategy. It is important to know that your customers are your best influencers.
    Let’s not forget that prospects are 4 times more likely to buy if they are recommended from a friend. There are several forms of referrals Referral is the most advanced form.
  • Offer them a referral and give them a reward
    A customer who comes as a result of sponsorship takes the offer more seriously, as it usually comes from a relative or influencer. This customer can, in turn, become a sponsor and you are then in a virtuous circle that allows you to retain customers and increase your income.
  • Allow them to share their purchase, thanks to a social button.
    Indeed a customer who shares his purchases makes you a free advertisement and don’t forget that word of mouth is one of the best communication.
    Even if user signals do not count as SEO factors at Google et al., they have a positive influence on search engines.

In conclusion, Growth Hacking is a way of thinking, acting, and implementing leverage to increase the growth of your company while seeking customer satisfaction to offer the solution adapted to the customer’s needs. A real asset for small companies, it’s thanks to many tools today essential to evolve on the web.

“Growth hacking is Experiment Driven Marketing” Sean Ellis.

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How important are Google reviews? Mon, 24 Feb 2020 02:04:50 +0000 What is a Google Review? Google reviews allow any good business to prove themselves to their potential customers. It allows customers to publicly post a review on Google about their experience with a business. Reviews about service and products allow people to quickly search real people’s reviews without having to download an app. So the better […]

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What is a Google Review?

Google reviews allow any good business to prove themselves to their potential customers. It allows customers to publicly post a review on Google about their experience with a business. Reviews about service and products allow people to quickly search real people’s reviews without having to download an app. So the better the review that you receive, the better your product or site traffic will be. The reviews level the playing field for smaller businesses where marketing hype, expensive campaigns, and slick copy become less relevant.

Reviews serve as transparency and social proof rather than displaying the power of a creative marketing technique. More companies are placing more emphasis on having positive google reviews. Now people can type in a search query and stumble upon businesses with reviews from actual customers and make an informed decision. Therefore deciding whether or not they should engage with that business—with positive reviews pushing them towards conversion. For businesses big or small Google reviews have unprecedented power. This includes the power to influence brand trust, local SEO, and feedback. 

Importance of google reviews:

Google reviews can have the ability to create or damage consumer trust and therefore, influence the success of a business. Reviews can give businesses a big credibility boost without having to spend a dime.

Today transparency is becoming more relevant for consumers. It’s not uncommon for a consumer to research a business before purchasing products or services. In fact, nearly 88% of consumers have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. When Google collects research they heavily utilise these reviews. The same survey reports that a staggering 72% of consumers believe positive reviews creates trust in a local business. This provides a great opportunity for local businesses to gain an advantage over other businesses with positive reviews, by displaying positive relationships between the business and their customer. Therefore further building and growing customer trust.

Google’s search algorithms are complex but one thing certain Google reviews have an impact on Google local searches. As roughly 9% of Google’s entire search algorithm is driven by review signals like the ones in business’ Google reviews. These review signals are generally focused around review quantity, velocity, and diversity. With proper execution, Google business reviews can be one of your most successful marketing tactics.

Business reviews get found much more easily and quickly than utilizing only traditional SEO activities like keyword research and blogging. As with any review, Google reviews can act as a tool to help you realize what needs improvement to increase customer satisfaction. Google reviews are also an excellent way to increase the click-through rate when you show up in a search engine. The ratings will be next to your business name, so a collection of positive ratings will increase clicks through to your site. The significance of good reviews is demonstrated with the online businesses whose sole aim is to “bury” bad reviews for your business.

How do google reviews work:

Google reviews can be a great way for businesses to highlight their point of difference. Therefore, showcasing how customers experience them. Reviews that have the biggest impact on the local search result will appear next to your listing and can help your business flourish.

Businesses will stand out from their competition once they get enough stars associated with their reviews.

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How to increase my Google reviews

Businesses can also request reviews from their customers through an easy URL that’s specific to your business to further boost your reviews. Customers must sign into their Google accounts to leave a review.

If your business is struggling to increase their google reviews here are some easy tips to follow:

  • After a successful job with a client send them a follow-up email. Include a custom review link to your business or add a review link to your website. This will help you get more reviews simply because it makes it easier for your customers. Even though some customers may be hesitant to leave a review. This may be due to not fully understanding the process, remember to emphasize the simplicity of it.
  • Suggest they can just leave a star rating without writing anything.
    This may change the perception by the customer that reviewing is laborious.
  • Respond to customer reviews.
    It is important to respond to customer reviews as they have taken time to help your business by leaving a review. When a customer sees that the business owner regularly responds to feedback left on Google, they will be more inclined to want to share their feedback as they know someone will actually be reading it. 

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How to increase your visibility through social networks Wed, 19 Feb 2020 05:25:25 +0000 Today, social networks are integral parts of the daily life of companies. If you don’t use any social platforms, you must open an account on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, Linkedin, etc. … It’s a must! Via social networks, you can develop your reputation as well as your e-notoriety. However, being present on the networks […]

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Today, social networks are integral parts of the daily life of companies. If you don’t use any social platforms, you must open an account on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, Linkedin, etc. … It’s a must! Via social networks, you can develop your reputation as well as your e-notoriety. However, being present on the networks is not always enough. The way you communicate on these platforms is just as important as presence and visibility. What’s the point of being seen if there’s nothing worth looking at?

We will give you 8 tips to increase your visibility : 

1) Program your publications 

Social networks are related to marketing, so as soon as the overall marketing strategy is defined, you have to start creating content. With foresight, you can have a global vision of where your publications are going. There are several tools to manage the programming of your publications: 

First, creating an editorial calendar should help you plan the production, distribution, and publication of content, so of course, this tool should reveal the guiding ideas of your content marketing strategy. It should contain: The date and time of your publications, the type of publication and the context, the title of the publication and a summary of the subject, the keywords to be integrated (SEO), the human resources on the project, the platform to be used, the status of the publications (if they are being written, drafted or published).

Secondly, managing a company’s social networks is a full-time job, you need to hire someone to do this work, to free up time for your strategic decisions. 

Thirdly, using a planning tool, most social network management software allows you to plan content. This allows you to get organized and always have content in advance for your networks, this is content that is called cold. It is important to note that regular publication is good for your progress. However, keep an eye on your calendar, hot content may arrive, current events, news, etc… And you may have to shift your publication schedule to include them.

2) Ensure quality content for your audience

It is not enough to post often to gain followers right away, you must meticulously choose your publications and adapt them to your target audience. Otherwise, your strategy on social networks would be worthless. Facebook offers very good targeting options to target very specific behaviors and interests. 

You need to share information and tips related to your field of activity. This will help you get visibility and therefore more customers. 

3) Generate traffic to your website 

Being present on social networks increases your visibility, and therefore your points of contact with your prospects. By creating gateways to your website, you can generate traffic on it, it’s a new acquisition channel. Users can come from a myriad of avenues due to your presence on social networks. 

You can also republish your blog articles from your website on your social networks, this will bring your post more attention in terms of publication rate and as a bonus, you will gain traffic on your website. 

4) Differentiate yourself

Indeed, most consumers prefer to be educated about a product or service rather than be sold. They feel they can make a more informed purchasing decision without feeling they’ve been duped.

Indeed, 70% of Internet users prefer to discover a product through content rather than through traditional advertising.

You can enhance your expertise by creating informative videos or tutorials that will inspire your subscribers and enhance their expectations.

You can also tell the story of your brand, what makes it unique because no other brand has the same story to tell. You can talk about your values and what you’re proud of, what you stand for and what you believe in. This will make contact with your audience more real and healthy. Finally, bounce back from the news, you can talk about what’s new in your field and what’s working. You’ve probably already heard of newsjacking, a technique that aims to take up a news story with humor. Newsjacking, if done with finesse, is surely one of the fastest and cheapest ways to gain visibility on social networks.

5) Create video content

In recent years, video content has been increasingly present on social networks. Video is changing the way brands express themselves and how people discover a brand and its products.
Video is also the most engaging content. Indeed, according to a study by Small Business Trends, video generates 13 times more sharing than text and images combined on social networks. 

With video, you can, for example, show a new product or service through a Live on Facebook or Instagram. You can show interviews, behind the scenes of products, of your company.
Don’t forget that when you publish a video, you have to think about mobile. So square format and with subtitles, indeed people consume twice as much video on mobile.

6/ Turn your subscribers into ambassadors

Giving your subscribers a voice on social networks is a good way to stand out. You can, for example, ask your fans to share their experiences or stories.

You can create hashtags and encourage your subscribers to use them. This will make them feel close to your brand and give them a strong sense of community.
You’ll have content generated directly by your subscribers while having a more sincere relationship with them. You show that you trust them and that you appreciate their involvement with you.

7) Take the time to respond to your subscribers 

For a subscriber, a lack of response from you will make them feel unimportant, it will only increase their chances that they will turn to the competition. 
Even if it may seem obvious to some, there are still too many brands that do not interact with their subscribers and therefore their media strategy suffers.

With the digital age, it is not enough to just answer, it must be done quickly, as most Internet users want an answer within the hour. 
Don’t lose sight of the fact that a consumer who takes the time to complain is a consumer who is attached to the brand, many don’t take the time to complain and go to the competition. So do not neglect them, answer them. 

8) Measure your results and improve yourself

Defining a strategy with specific goals and KPIs at the start of the project is essential to determine measurable success. You need to : 

Control conversions: 

It is sometimes difficult to highlight the success of a social media campaign. But thanks to the Google Analytics “Conversions” report, you can know the real impact of your social media campaigns on your business.

Identify the social networks bringing the most traffic: 

For your social media strategy to be effective, it is best to identify the social networks that generate the most interest from Internet users. This way, you can focus on them and get a better return on investment!
By showing you which initial paths your visitors have taken from social networks to your website, the “Referring Social Networks” report provided by Google Analytics is ideal. 

Analyze the shares in detail : 

When one of your content is shared, it’s a good sign for you. You can find out how it is being shared with Google Analytics.
Of course, you have to analyze your results according to your KPI’s established in your strategy. Once your results are analyzed, you can change what’s wrong and focus on what works.

In conclusion, social networks are indispensable for any company today. It is a full-time job to manage them and you have to be proactive if you want to see your community grow.

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BCG Fri, 10 Jan 2020 10:36:19 +0000 The post BCG appeared first on AndMine.

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